The Black Keys Already Contemplating Next Album, Possible Live Release


Story by Cat Badra

Drummer Patrick Carney says the Keys are considering a live release

Akron, Ohio-based blues-rock duo the Black Keys are known for their high-energy, boisterous live show, and now, drummer Patrick Carney and singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach are kicking around the idea of releasing a live album. Speaking with Spinner, Carney explained that the outfit are considering putting together a compiling of some live performances from their current, co-headlining outing with Arctic Monkeys for a live disc.

“We recorded every show, just waiting for the right venue to do something like that,” Carney said. “You can’t put a live record out and say,’ Live form the KFC Arena.’ Everything has these name rights. We have to wait ’til we get to a place that’s called something like Madison Square Garden. If you released a record that’s recorded at a place [with a corporate name], you have to give your royalties away to union people. I don’t really know the details.”

The Black Keys’ new full-length, ‘El Camino,’ dropped in December of last year, but the guys are already thinking of their next studio release. They sure don’t waste any time! “We booked some studio time for two weeks in July,” Carney said. “So I know we’re going to start working on the next album in a couple of months. We haven’t really talked about it. We just want to get in the studio and start. That’s the only time we have to get into the studio until January, because we’re working all the way through the second half of summer, fall and early winter.” (Photo credit: Danny Clinch via Nonesuch Records.)




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