Deuce Talks Musical Influences and New Album, ‘Nine Lives’ – Interview


Story by Anne Erickson

Former Hollywood Undead singer goes out on his own with ‘Nine Lives’

Deuce hit the top of the rock charts as the brains and vocals behind Hollywood Undead’s 2008 debut, “Swan Songs,” which pushed a striking 800,000 copies worldwide. The talented singer and songwriter is now looking to one-up that tally with his solo album, “Nine Lives,” out in a matter of days. Expect an album packed with swaggering hip-hop and spiraling hard rock.

Listening to Deuce’s tracks, it’s clear he comes from a wide range of musical influences and inspirations. Speaking with Audio Ink Radio, Deuce explained that he grew up listing to everything from dirty rap to punk. “I’ve always listened to a lot of aggressive rap. I’ve always liked 50 Cent and Kanye West,” Deuce said. “But, I also like Avenged Sevenfold and Rise Against and some old punk bands like NOFX. Blink-182, even though they’re poppy and I’m not really a pop artist, I’ve always liked a lot. I listen to everything, so my performing puts together all the stuff I’ve listened to my whole life. I think that’s why my music is really hard to pinpoint. I come from a background of listening to everything, so everything comes out in my songs and the songs on ‘Nine Lives.’”

Deuce’s debut single off “Nine Lives,” named “America,” is out now, and the full collection is scheduled to arrive April 24 in the U.S. “Nine Lives” is Deuce’s debut solo album and his first partnership with Eleven Seven Music, the same label behind Motley Crue, Cavo, Cold, Drowning Pool and Papa Roach.

By the way, things are heating up between camps Deuce and Hollywood Undead. Check out the YouTube video, below, and see why Hollywood Undead can’t seem to let this go. Can’t we all just get along, guys? (Photo credit: David E. Jackson,

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