Impending Doom Bring Worship Music into Death Metal


Story by Anne Erickson

Christian metal band describe ‘gorship’ moniker

Riverside, Calif.-based Christian death metal band Impending Doom are currently on the road to promote their just-released full-length, “Baptized in Filth.” Specifically, the chaps are on the high-profile 2012 Metal Alliance tour, which also totes major players DevilDriver, the Faceless, Dying Fetus, 3 Inches of Blood and Job for a Cowboy. The tour wraps up April 21 in Houston, Texas.

The terms “Christian” and “death metal” may seem like polar opposites, but Impending Doom somehow bring worship music into the death metal genre. In fact, they’ve proudly coined their unique brand of worship metal “gorship.”

“Since we’re a Christian band, it’s just our version worshipping through — how it started was through gore sounding music,” bass player David Sittig told Loudwire. “When Impending Doom started the only thing we listened to was gore metal like Devourment, Guttural Secrete, Aborted — all those bands like that was what influenced that first record — actually the demo really, not even the first record. We came up with ‘goreship’ a really a long time ago, so it just means worshipping through our gore-sounding music.”

As for being a Christian band in a genre not always known for its faith-based message, Sittig says fans accept Impending Doom because the guys aren’t judgmental. They’re simply working hard to crank out killer metal music. “ …We’re not condescending,” he said. “We’ll hang out with anybody and you can be like, ‘Nah, I don’t want to talk to you about that, and I don’t want to believe in your God, but I just want to listen to your music and hang out with you.” I’ll be like, ‘There’s a seat right here, let’s hang out.’ We’re cool dudes who just get along with everybody. We’re not judgmental or trying to force what we believe down everybody’s throats, but we’re here to talk if they want to know about it.” Read the full interview via Loudwire.




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