Jack White Releases Latest Single via 1,000 Blue Balloons


Story by Cat Badra

Third Man Records owner Jack White releases ‘Freedom at 21’ via big blue balloons

Jack White is the king of crazy ideas that turn out to be, well, pretty genius. White’s latest endeavor has something to do with masses of big blue balloons and his latest single, “Freedom at 21.”

According to the website for White’s record label, Third Man Records, the former White Stripes singer and guitarist propelled 1,000 helium balloons, each one toting a flexi-disc record of “Freedom at 21,” which is currently unreleased, from his Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville. So, if you’re outside and see a big, blue balloon circling overhead, shoot it down to get your ears on the latest song from Jack. Needless to say, it’s the first time in history anyone has issued a single via a balloon release.

White attached a special postcard with details instructions to each balloon, including details on how to submit photos, the location and the date on which the album was found. You can head over to the Third Man Records site to see where the 1,000 balloons were found, here.

In other White news, the musician recently surprised attendees at his Third Man Records’ third anniversary party by giving them each a copy of the world’s first-ever 3 RPM. The RPM, called “The First Three Years of Blue Series Singles on One LP at 3 RPM,” packs all 56 singles from the 28 bands taking part in Third Man Records’ Blue Series. Read more about the wacky gift, here.




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