Pearl Jam’s New Album to Arrive in 2013, Says Stone Gossard


Story by Anne Erickson

Pearl Jam guitarist says new record will mostly likely come out next year

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard splits his time between working with his meat-and-potatoes grunge rock band, Pearl Jam, and making tunes with his longstanding side project, Brad. While doing press for Brad’s upcoming album, Gossard fielded some questions about when the new Pearl Jam release might arrive, and he says Eddie Vedder and the boys are looking at a release date sometime next year.

“It’s too early to tell what it’s going to be yet,” Gossard told Billboard. “But we’ve recorded some great songs and we’ve written some more and we’re going to do some more recording over the next three or four months and most likely the record will come out hopefully next year.”

As for the upcoming album with Brad, “United We Stand,” Gossard says the band had to pick from “nearly 70” song ideas when putting together the set. “It was really a great process to have that abundance of material and then to be able to pick and really choose the 10 we used,” Gossard said.

“We were able to represent the variety of ways that we wrote for this record — rock songs, more dance-oriented songs, ballads, real downbeat stuff…, “ he added. “You want to have a little bit of all those flavors, and then it becomes like you’re making a collage or you’ve got all these different stories and you’re putting them together in a way that hopefully has a structure that’s cool. We feel like we accomplished that more than ever on this [album].” Brad’s “United We Stand” hits stores April 24. Check out more of the interview via Billboard.




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