Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Professes Love for Metallica


Story by Anne Erickson

Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell will play the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit tonight

Alice in Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell may come from the ‘90s grunge scene, but he’s apparently a big fan of ‘80s metal. In a new interview with, Cantrell professed his love for Metallica and explained how excited he was to play the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit in 2006 alongside the famed metallers.

“Yeah, that one is obviously a classic. I’ve been a fan of Metallica and friends with those guys for a long time and that was just great — half Alice in Chains and half Metallica playing together,” he said. “Obviously, on a more serious note, it’s inspiring to see James [Hetfield] take control of his issues, some of the same things I have issues with. And it’s just inspiring to see somebody make the effort and make a turn for the better.”

Cantrell is set to play the 8th Annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert today (May 31), as well as pick up the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for his commitment to the MusiCares MAP Fund and helping addicts with the addiction recovery process. Former event honorees include Alice Cooper, Chris Cornell, Anthony Kiedis, Dave Gahan and Hetfield.

As for Alice in Chains’ highly-anticipated upcoming album, Cantrell says it’s on the way. “… We started writing stuff last year. I think we’re all good with that now, so now it’s time to cut it,” he said. “So we’re gonna try to, but if not it’ll probably be out early next year. It’ll be out about three or four minutes after we’re finished [laughs]. Give the record company time to set it up and plan the attack and tour for hopefully a year, year and a half.”