Jack White Wants to Play First Vinyl Record in Outer Space


Story by Charles Ken

Former White Stripes frontman planning to play a vinyl track in space

Jack White is a man with a creative vision. He’s done everything from tour the world in a pioneering blues-rock duo called the White Stripes to unleashing a single via a balloon release. Now, Mr. White wants to do something else that’s never been done before: play a vinyl album in outer space. Yes, you read that right: White wants to rock out in another galaxy.

Speaking with former astronaut Buzz Aldrin for Interview, White dropped the news that he has been hard at work on a “secret project” to make arrangements for one of his Third Man Records recordings to be “the first vinyl record played in outer space.” As he explains, “we want to launch a balloon that carries a vinyl record player…and figure out a way to drop the needle with all that turbulence up there and ensure that it will still play.”

After talking about space travel and White’s lofty plans to do a track in another world, the talk shifted to last year’s break-up of White’s longstanding duo, the White Stripes, after 14 years of making music and touring together. As White describes it, he wanted to completely sever all ties with the Stripes before pursuing his solo career.

“I didn’t want to go out and make solo records if the White Stripes still existed,” White said. “I thought that people would be too confused by the two ideas and a lot of people wouldn’t be able to get their head around it. So, in a sense, it was something that was bound to happen one day. But I’m sad about it all the time.”




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