The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen Talks New EP, ‘Hit Me Like a Man’


Story by Anne Erickson

Pretty Reckless frontwoman looks up to Robert Plant, the Beatles

“Gossip Girl” star Taylor Momsen recently stepped back from playing Jenny Humphrey on the popular TV show to pursue her first love: music. Looking back, she has few regrets. “I can say I haven’t had any second thoughts. I live for it,” the frontwoman for The Pretty Reckless told Bloody Disgusting. “I love writing songs and I love playing every night and recording. To be able to just focus on that and have all my attention on that is just amazing.”

Momsen is currently on the road to promote the Pretty Reckless’ recently release EP, “Hit Me Like a Man.” She says the EP is a taste of what’s to come, as in a new full-length around the bend.

“We’ve been touring ‘Light Me Up’ for almost two years now, so we wanted give fans a taste of where the new record is going, the direction,” she said. “And it was for us! We’re excited to play these songs.”

Rock, still, is seen as chiefly a male-dominated genre, but Momsen says she doesn’t feel the gap. “I don’t really like to look at it like that. I like rock and roll these days, whether it’s female or male fronted,” she said. “I mean, most of the people I look up to are men, like Robert Plant or The Beatles. I just feel that there isn’t a lot of rock coming out so I listen to it all and don’t really think about that.”

Likewise, having a sexy image, Momsen says, should get in the way of her music. “Image is always going to be a part of music,” she said. “Yes, there are women who are clearly sexualized but look at Led Zeppelin! Sexual icons as men! So, I think that they can go hand in hand as long as the image doesn’t overtake the music. I think that’s the biggest struggle, that the music should come first. But you can’t hide your image either.” Read the full interview via Bloody Disgusting.




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