New York Mets’ Jason Bay Digs Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots


Story by Anne Erickson

New York Mets outfielder says he’s a ‘huge Pearl Jam fan’

New York Mets outfielder Jason Bay is a grunge fan, through and through. In fact, he’s BFFs with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. Just ask Mr. Bay, and he’ll tell you they text each other more than most couples in love.

“I was a huge Pearl Jam fan [growing up],” Bay told “I grew up in the Northwest. They’re huge there. I mean, they’re huge everywhere, but especially there. And that’s always what I listened to.

“Eddie’s a huge baseball fan. Huge Cubs fan. There’s a lot of guys who have met him. Sean Casey, who’s a diehard Pearl Jam fan, he’s hung out with Eddie numerous times. When I got traded to Boston, we played a game and that night Eddie was playing somewhere in Boston on his solo tour. And he signed this poster, ‘Hey, Jason, welcome to the Red Sox.’ And then Casey gave me his number. So we text back and forth.”

While Bay hasn’t really ever met Vedder, it’s high on his to-do list. “I’ve never met him. I’ve never actually technically met him,” he said. “And that’s the funny part. Casey was like, ‘Hey, here’s his number, he said text him.’ So he was like ‘Hey, sounds good man. If I’m ever up in Seattle recording . . .’ He’s never up there. He’s got a lot going on. I’m probably the last person [on his mind]. ‘Oh, I’ve got to call Jason Bay!’”

Bay went on to rattle off some of his favorite bands to listen to growing up, and — surprise — they’re all grunge groups. “Nirvana. Sort of alternative, grunge, and actually some Canadian bands. The Tragically Hip. Some obscure stuff. You’ve heard of them,” he said. “They’re not real big, but they’re huge in Canada. A lot of Canadian bands. And then a little bit of Alice in Chains. Soundgarden. All that stuff. Stone Temple Pilots.” Audio Ink approves, Bay.



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