Stone Sour Taps Skid Row Bass Player Rachel Bolan for New Album


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Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan Offers Update on New Stone Sour Album

Stone Sour are hard at work on their upcoming studio album, and just last month, fans got the news that founding member and bass player Shawn Economaki would not be taking part in the new album. Now, singer Corey Taylor and the gang have officially announced that Skid Row bass player Rachel Bolan will work with Stone Sour on their upcoming double release.

According to Bolan, the offer to jam with Stone Sour came out of the blue. “Just out of nowhere, my phone rings one morning, and it’s [frontman] Corey Taylor from Stone Sour, and he’s, like, ‘Would you be interested in playing bass on the new Stone Sour record?’” Bolan explained to The Backstage Beat. “So, of course, I said ‘Yes,’ ’cause I’m a huge fan of the band and they’re all really, really great guys.” Bolan also gave an album update, stating that he’s already taped 18 tracks with the band and plans to lay down five more before the album is a wrap.

Taylor previously announced that the upcoming album should arrive in October and will be a concept album about a man who is faced with some difficult choices. “I pretty much got permission to do whatever I wanted, which means that I’m essentially going against the grain in an age where people are … trying to simply put out singles,” he said. “We’re looking to do a double concept album and really make it destructive.”

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