As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Talks New Album, ‘Awakened’


Story by Anne Erickson

As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis says producer Bill Stevenson brought new perspective to band’s upcoming album

Christian metallers As I Lay Dying have finished recording their highly-anticipated, upcoming studio album, “Awakened,” and the collection of pummeling heavy metal is slated to drop Sept. 25 via Metal Blade Records. Speaking with Raw Cut Media, frontman Tim Lambesis explained that the guys were able to branch out, musically, on the new album, while still staying true to all that is As I Lay Dying.

“We worked with a different producer this time,” Lambesis stated, referring to punk legend Bill Stevenson. “We realized in the past that the five of us have such a good grasp on recording and doing what we do, and especially we know metal production very well … [so] it was nice to have somebody with a little bit of a different perspective shake it up a little bit.

“We hired Bill Stevenson, the drummer from Black Flag and the Descendents, and he’s a legend in a little bit of a different genre, and he brought enough of an outside perspective to change things but not to shake us up beyond what we’re comfortable with.”

So, what’s a day in the life of Tim Lambesis like? “It depends if I’m home or on tour,” he said. “If I’m home, I try to eat as much as possible, because I feel like I never get the food I want on tour, so I really have to stoke up while I’m home. So, I wake up the morning, eat… I might go to the gym, and I own a recording studio, so I come home and do some work in my studio, catch up on some back business, catch up with friends…

“If I’m out on tour, my day is similar. I have to wake up thinking about food and what I’m going to eat, but it’s never quite the same… I try to keep my voice well rested enough for the shows… the show is always the priority… for the most part, I try to keep up on band business, which is surprisingly a large task and then play the show…”

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