Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde Supportive of Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe


Story by Anne Erickson

Zakk Wylde is standing by Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe

Zakk Wylde is standing by Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, who is currently being held in the Czech Republic facing manslaughter charges.

In an interview with AOL’s Noisecreep, the Black Label Society frontman had nothing but glowing things to say about Blythe, who he says would never want to hurt anybody. “The whole thing is, [Randy is] a good dude. Nobody really knows what happened over there but Randy would never hurt a fan. A freako jumps on stage, he has every t-shirt, every record, he’s a fan — one of your guys. And you never hurt one of your guys. So it just sucks all the way around and I hope he gets out soon. But look, things are changing today and we all have to be careful.”

Wylde added that fans, in general, should stay clear of the stage at shows. “Ever since Dimebag, I start to think, fans should not get up on stage,” he said. “I know with a lot of the hardcore shows and all of the ‘wall-of-death’ bulls*** that fans want to go physical, but if you encourage that as a lead singer, you better be ready to take responsibility. We don’t even throw drumsticks out anymore since someone got hit in the eye and sued… So maybe things need to get a little more serious from security. Yeah, I know stage diving is part of the experience at certain shows — so it’s a tough call — but more people will get hurt if nothing changes.” (Photo credit: Anne Erickson)




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