Impending Doom Singer Talks Faith and Being ‘Dudes Playing Metal’


Story by Anne Erickson

Christian metallers Impending Doom are used to touring with bands that don’t share their beliefs

One could say Impending Doom are something of a juxtaposition: a brutal-sounding, death metal band made up of Christians filled with a love for God. Singer Brook Reeves understands that the band’s choice of genre isn’t necessary a normal choice for Christian rockers, but he’s okay with it– and with any controversy that’s thrown his way because of it.

“We have had Christians judge us before, but nothing to a huge degree,” Reeves told Inland Empire Weekly. “But after talking to me for 10 minutes, most people realize where our hearts are and know that we’re not these evil people. A lot of times it will be parents who hate our music and question it if their kids are into it. I don’t really have people getting in my face. If anything, it’s mostly talking smack over the Internet.”

Reeves added that most of the bands that tour with Impending Doom don’t share their same faith. But, that’s okay. “Ninety-nine percent of the bands we tour with are not Christian; many are against it for shock value maybe,” Reeves said. “No band has personally given us crap while on tour though because at the end of the day we’re all just dudes playing metal.

“There is a mutual respect. Just because we’re a Christian band doesn’t mean we’re that different. Other bands believe other things, and most times they will realize we’re nice dudes. We always get along with everyone we tour with.”

Impending Doom are a part of both the Scream It Like You Mean It and Warped Tours this year. For a full list of the band’s tour dates, visit Impending Doom’s tour page.




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