Lamb of God Members ‘Staying Positive’ for Randy Blythe


Story by Charles Ken

Lamb of God members issue an official statement regarding Randy Blythe

Lamb of God main man Randy Blythe was arrested in the Czech Republic last month, in association with an unfortunate incident that happened during the group’s 2010 concert at Club Abaton in Prague. Blythe is accused of injuring a fan, Daniel N., after the fan jumped onto the stage during the concert, allegedly resulting in injuries that eventually caused the fan to die 14 days later. Now, the band has issued an official statement regarding the case and their thoughts on it.

“First of all, thanks to everyone who has reached out in support of Randy and each of us in this terrible situation. It’s noted and very much appreciated,” the band stated. “We have been keeping our heads down and not speaking out due to the fluid nature of the situation and the constantly changing information that even we receive daily… We have reached out and are making use of the resources we have acquired to help our brother who is still detained in Czech jail. In the two years since, we were never notified of anything related to this incident.

“Randy is our brother and we assure you, we are all staying very positive for him, working endlessly behind the scenes to provide any and all assistance possible. The best we can do is to stay positive and continue to support our friend that we know is innocent. We know that justice will prevail and we will continue to do our part to support our friend.”

Blythe posted four million Czech koruna in bail on July 3, roughly $200,000, but he’s still holed up in jail. If convicted of manslaughter, he could face up to 10 years in prison.




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