Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Gives Update on 3D Concert Movie, New Music


Story by Charles Ken

Metallica drummer says new 3D flick will combine live footage with backstage shots

The boys of Metallica have been pretty secretive about what to expect from the band’s new, 3D flick, which should get a release next year. Drummer Lars Ulrich can’t hold his excitement in any longer, though, and he has dished that on top of providing fans with some high-octane live footage, the movie will offer glimpses into some of the fun that happens backstage during a Metallica tour.

“[The film] is a narrative, and the rest of the stuff that goes on outside of the concert is not going to feature members of Metallica…in any way, shape or form,” Ulrich explained to reporters during a conference call, reports Billboard. “It’s a split narrative that kind of runs parallel to the concert.”

Ulrich also said that while Metallica are pretty busy with the flick, the guys are already coming up with plenty of ideas for their next studio album and plan to start writing and recording for the record after they wrap up shooting the 3D movie.

“Every time [frontman] James Hetfield picks up a guitar there’s some brilliant riff that comes out of him, and I try to make sure that they’re all recorded…and try to put some drums behind them,” said the man behind the kit. “When we’re done with the movie…we’re going to basically just concentrate on new music and trying to get another Metallica record will be the priority.”




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