Hoobastank Release Webisode in Advance of ‘Fight or Flight’


Story by Anne Erickson

Hoobastank to unleash ‘Fight or Flight’ in September

Hoobastank are back with their first album in three years, “Fight or Flight,” due out Sept. 11. Fans who don’t want to wait until September to hear new stuff from Hoobastank are in luck, as the guys are releasing a series of webisodes leading up to the release featuring a few snippets of what to expect from the new album.

The boys recently posted the first Hoobastank on Tour webisode via YouTube. The clip shows Hoobastank doing sound checking, getting ready backstage, performing live and doing various other things to get ready for the album launch. The video also features some clips from Hoobastank’s current single, “This Is Gonna Hurt,” and the band plan to start shooting the official video for the single in Los Angeles this week.

As for the album’s title, “Fight or Flight,” frontman Doug Robb recently told the College Times that the name simply grew on them over time. “Well, it’s a track on the album but I think it’s one of those titles that we chose and with time it’s starting to grow,” he said. “For me specifically, I think it kind of symbolizes the longevity of the band and how many opportunities we’ve had to pack it up.

“We’ve had some rough patches personally. [We’ve said,] ‘This is getting too much,’ ‘Let’s take a break,’ or ‘Let’s call it a day’ and somehow we’ve persevered. We’ve been able to do this for over a decade. That’s [the meaning] for me. If you ask the other members, you’ll get a similar theme.”

Watch Hoobastank’s New Websiode:




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