Jack White Recalls Meeting Mark Lanegan at a Queens of the Stone Age Gig


Story by Anne Erickson

Former White Stripes singer Jack White digs grunge frontman Mark Lanegan

Jack White of the White Stripes may be known for his garage-rock roots, but he also appreciates classic grunge. Speaking with former Guns N’ Roses bass player Duff McKagan, White dropped the tidbit that he’s actually a big fan of Mark Lanegan from Seattle grunge band Screaming Trees.

When McKagan asked White in the Seattle Weekly, Are you a fan of Mark Lanegan?, White answered, “Yeah, yeah. In fact, I met Mark Lanegan at the side of the stage at a Queens of the Stone Age [performance] a while ago. I started talking to him–I didn’t even know it was him I was talking to. I was really funny. I felt really rude and ignorant, but he has such a beautiful voice. I love that he … is working on music because he needs to and can’t help himself. That really appeals to me.”

White added that he’s also a big fan of McKagan’s work in Guns N’ Roses. “…I listened to so much of your music when I was younger, by the way, and [it was] a really big influence on me. Thank you for all of that, I appreciate it.” White’s current album, “Blunderbuss,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart earlier this year.




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