30 Seconds to Mars Drummer Offers ‘Night of the Hunter’ Dance Remix


Story by Charles Ken

30 Seconds to Mars’ tune ‘Night of the Hunter’ has gotten a makeover from drummer Shannon Leto

30 Seconds to Mars have always been a band about experimentation and excitement, and now, the alternative rockers are offering up a song from their 2009 album, “This Is War,” with a whole new sound. The Jared Leto-fronted band have just unleashed a new electronic dance music remix of “Night of the Hunter,” put together by drummer Shannon Leto.

“’Night of the Hunter’ is one of my favorite songs to play live with my band and I really wanted to reinvent it, to shed a different light on it by bringing a dance element to it,” Shannon said in a statement. “I’m excited share the remix out there in the world!” Those wanting to get their ears on the track will find “Night of the Hunter (Shannon Leto Remix)” available via iTunes.

In other 30 Seconds to Mars news, Jared Leto’s new documentary, “Artifact,” just picked up the People’s Choice award for a documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film, directed by Leto himself (under the name Bartholomew Cubbins), chronicles 30 Seconds to Mars’ dramatic legal battle with EMI, who issued a $30 million breach of contract lawsuit against 30 Seconds to Mars in 2008 for failing to deliver the third of five albums. The band’s album at the time, 2005’s “Beautiful Lie,” had pushed 3.5 million copies, but Leto and the band still owed funds to their label. The debate lasted over 200 days and eventually served as the basis for their third album, “This is War.”




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