Billy Talent Singer Compares Current State of Rock to Grunge Movement


Story by Cat Badra

Billy Talent’s Ben Kowalewicz says that like the ‘90s grunge movement, he senses a wave of new rock up ahead

There’s no denying that despite the many killer rock and metal bands out there right now, pop and hip-hop are currently all the rage. If you ask Billy Talent singer Ben Kowalewicz about the modern state of rock music, he’ll tell you that he sees the slump as a sign of a new movement just around the bend, much like the state of rock before the ’90s grunge movement took over.

“Rock music is at a low right now, you know what I mean?” Kowalewicz told the Edmonton Journal. “I kind of feel like we’re in the late ’80s, early ’90s, where it was the same thing… And all of a sudden, you have bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine and Tool and Offspring and Green Day and the Beastie Boys, all this stuff, and it was this tidal wave that just destroyed everything that was going on.”

Kowalewicz went on to explain that he thinking a new round of great rock bands are ready to take the music industry by storm. “I feel like there’s something that’s going to happen musically that’s going to rival that,” said Kowalenwicz, who recently released his fifth studio album, “Dead Silence,” with Billy Talent. “There’s going to be this huge resurgence and people going to see rock ‘n’ roll shows and feeling that connection.”




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