Foo Fighters, Metallica, U2 Members Among World’s Richest Singers


Story by Anne Erickson

Members of Foo Fighters, U2, Metallica and more are among the top money-making vocalists of the year

There’s no denying that the life of a rock star can be lucrative. But, just how much do the biggest names in rock make? Thanks to a recent report by, fans can check out just how much cash their favorite vocalists have racked in, and the numbers are impressive. 

Beatle man Paul McCartney claims the No. 1 spot of Celebrity Net Worth’s “Richest Lead Singer in the World” list, taking in an approximate net worth of $800. McCartney is followed by Bono at No. 2, with $600 million, and then Jimmy Buffett ($400 million), Elton John ($320 million) and, rounding out the top 5, Mick Jagger ($305 million). As for modern rockers, Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band claimed to No. 8 spot with $250 million and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters came in at No. 10 at $225 million.

Other rock and metal names on the list include Metallica singer James Hetfield (No. 14, $175 million), Guns N’ Roses vocalist Axl Rose (No. 15, $150 million), Red Hot Chili PeppersAnthony Kiedis (No. 20, $120 million), Jon Bon Jovi (No. 19, $125 million), Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson (No. 23, $115 million), Ozzy Osbourne (No. 26, $90 million) and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder (No. 28, $80 million). For the full list of the Top 30 “Richest Lead Singers in the World,” check out the list below. put together its list by gathering information from publicly available sources about musicians’ “salaries, real estate holdings, divorces, record sales, royalties and endorsements.” The site’s net worth figures are calculated by a formula that takes into account “taxes, manager’s fees, agents’ fees and lifestyle.”’s Top 30 Richest Lead Singers in the World:

1. Paul McCartney: $800 million
2. Bono: $600 million
3. Jimmy Buffett: $400 million
4. Elton John: $320 million
5. Mick Jagger: $305 million
6. Sting: $290 million
7. Phil Collins: $250 million
8. Dave Matthews: $250 million
9. Prince: $250 million
10. Dave Grohl: $225 million
11. Rod Stewart: $220 million
12. David Bowie: $215 million
13. Bruce Springsteen: $200 million
14. James Hetfield: $175 million
15. Axl Rose: $150 million
16. Roger Waters: $145 million
17. David Gilmour: $130 million
18. Steven Tyler: $130 million
19. Jon Bon Jovi: $125 million
20. Anthony Kiedis: $120 million
21. Sammy Hagar: $120 million
22. Robert Plant: $120 million
23. Bruce Dickinson: $115 million
24. Eric Clapton: $115 million
25. Brian Johnson: $90 million
26. Ozzy Osbourne: $90 million
27. Gwen Stefani: $80 million
28. Eddie Vedder: $80 million
29. Bob Dylan: $80 million
30. Brian Wilson: $75 million




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