Metallica Asking Fans to Pick the Setlist for Their Upcoming DVD


Story by Charles Ken

Metallica are planning to release a new live DVD this December

Metallica care about what their fans think, and that’s certainly true when it comes to releasing their music. The famed metal band will unleash a fresh live DVD this December, and they’re asking fans to help them pick what bonus songs will be featured in the “extras” section of the release.

“Happy September… we’ve got an early Christmas present for you! As we get ready to head back into the studio, we thought we would round out the ‘Death Magnetic’ experience with the DVD/Blu-ray release of the two nights we filmed in Quebec City way back in the fall of 2009,” the band members wrote in a joint statement on Metallica’s official website. “We would like YOU to pick which setlist is the main feature with the remaining songs not played in the setlist that you choose appearing later on the disc in the ‘extras’ section.”

Fans can cast their votes for their top setlist now via Metallica’s website, but time is running out: voting wraps up on Monday (Sept. 24) at 9 a.m. PT. Metallica have yet to announce a specific release date for the two-disc DVD, but it’s expected the collection will hit retail stores and online outlets in early December. For more information, visit Metallica’s official site.




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