Pearl Jam New Album Update from Jeff Ament


Story by Cat Badra

Bass player says Pearl Jam are only about halfway done with upcoming album

Pearl Jam fans hoping to get the band’s new album soon may be a tad disappointed to hear that the legendary grunge rockers still have a long ways to go before getting out their upcoming release. According to bass player Jeff Ament, the group are only about halfway through the album, and they’re looking to play it out as long as need be to capture all of their budding ideas.

Chatting with Fuse during a recent video interview, Ament dropped this bit of news on the forthcoming Pearl Jam sounds: “We’re halfway through. We have a ton of ideas. It’s just a matter of… everybody clearing enough space to finish it up. The great thing at this point is we’re not really in a hurry to do anything. We kind of do things as naturally as we can.”

So, are a few more reissues in the near future? It’s not likely. Ament stated that while Pearl Jam would love to do a few more, the “Vs.” and “Vitalogy” projects took so much time and energy that they will likely wait a while to do another. “It was starting to feel a little like we were starting to become a nostalgia band and we really don’t want to rely on that thing,” he said. “We want to kind of keep focused forward.” Ament added that, chances are, Pearl Jam will get out their new album before doing another reissue.

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