Taylor Momsen on the First Soundgarden Song She Heard, ‘Black Hole Sun’


Story by Cat Badra

The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen describes hearing Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ for the first time

Taylor Momsen fronts the Pretty Reckless, a rock band that’s garnered some comparisons to Courtney Love’s Hole thanks to its grunge embellishments. As it turns out, Momsen is a big fan of grunge rockers Soundgarden, and she recently described the experience of hearing her first Soundgarden song: “Black Hole Sun.”

“The first Soundgarden song I heard was ‘Black Hole Sun,’ so I got ‘Superunknown’ and became a huge fan of that record, but it wasn’t until I got ‘Badmotorfinger’ that I would realize this was one of the greatest bands of all-time,” Momsen told Artist Direct. “Every song is its own adventure. From songs like ‘Slaves and Bulldozers’ and ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ all the way to ‘Ty Cobb’ and ‘Burden in My Hand,’ they just amaze me at every turn. The voice, the guitar, the drums— I just wished I could be in that … band.

“Being born in 1993, I never really got the chance to hear a new Soundgarden record upon release since they were pretty much done by the time I could talk, so I’m psyched that they’re back together and I’m able to experience it.”

Soundgarden’s new album, “King Animal,” will arrive in retail stores and online outlets on Nov. 13.




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