Three Days Grace Release Music Video for ‘Chalk Outline’


Story by Cat Badra

Watch Three Day’s Grace’s new music video for ‘Chalk Outline’

Three Days Grace already have a No. 1 active rock hit in “Chalk Outline,” the first single off their new album, “Transit of Venus.” Now, the guys have a shiny new video to go along with the song that features the band on the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y. Watch the video below.

The video for “Chalk Outline” depicts singer Adam Gontier belting out the song and gallivanting through Brooklyn. As the song continues, he and other band members find themselves getting into some serious arguments with surrounding folks as they try to get to their rehearsal area. You’ll have to watch the video to see how thing end.

Like many of Three Days Grace’s tracks, “Chalk Outline” is ready-made for youngins going through growing pains. Guitarist Barry Stock recently told Audio Ink Radio that the theme of growing up is apparent on the new album.

“We definitely have those moments in the record about growing up, because you never really stop growing up,” Stock said. “We’re getting older, but we’re still growing into something else, so I find the themes are similar whether you’re 35 or 15. Those kinds of themes can reflect the lives of a lot of people, not just teenagers.”

Three Days Grace are set to kick off a North American tour this weekend running through the end of the month.




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