Andrew W.K.’s Trip to the Middle East Canceled by State Department


Story by Charles Ken

The State Department putting a nix to Andrew W.K.’s travels to Bahrain

In an excited post on his official website last weekend, Andrew W.K. announced that he would be visiting Bahrain as part of a State Department assignment devoted to spreading the message of “partying and world peace” in the Middle East. But now, Andrew’s highly-publicized trip to the Middle East has been canceled.

As it turns out, Andrew had been asked by the U.S. Embassy in Bahrain to travel to the country, but the State Department had second thoughts, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stated at a briefing on Monday (Nov. 26).
But, there are no hard feelings here. According to Nuland, the State Department altered its position because they considered Andrew the wrong choice to reach out in the conservative Muslim world. Perhaps they’ll send Andrew to a more liberal nation to spread his party-happy message? Never say never.

Andrew’s camp was quick to post a statement on his website regarding the cancelation: “After a year of planning and development, the US State Department has unexpectedly canceled their plans for Andrew’s trip to the Middle East this week, after changing their minds and deciding that it was ‘a mistake and not appropriate.’” They also promise that more information and a statement from Andrew is on the way. For more information on the cancellation, head to Andrew’s website.



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