INXS Plays Final Concert


Story by Cat Badra

INXS have played their final show together

Remember ‘80s alternative pop act INXS? Well, the guys have apparently decided to finally throw in the towel after 35 years as a band. As reported by Perth Now, the group spontaneously announced during a show in Perth on Sunday night (Nov. 11) that they were performing their very last gig together.

The news came directly from drummer Jon Farriss, who explained the news to the crowd during INXS’ opening performance for Matchbox 20. “I’m getting teary,” Farriss said before the band started playing one of their most popular songs, “Need You Tonight.”

INXS — which includes Farriss and his brothers Tim and Andrew — started making music together back in 1977 with late singer Michael Hutchence, the latter who was discovered dead in his hotel room 15 years ago. After the tragic passing of Hutchence, the group kept forging forward with various singers, including JD Fortune, who scored top honors in the 2005 reality show “Rock Star: INXS.” Most recently, the band welcomed singer Ciaran Gribbins into the fold.

Over the years, the band has come up against its challenges. But the guys have always prevailed. “Other bands could have folded. I am proud of it because we’ve had such an incredible career,” Tim Farris told the Sydney Morning Herald. “We didn’t just stick around Australia; we risked everything and put it out on a limb, and then we ended up huge everywhere in the world.”




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