Alex Clare Says New Album is His Priority


Story by Cat Badra

‘Too Close’ singer Alex Clare hard at work on a new release

Alex Clare is getting closer and closer to releasing new music. The singer-songwriter, best known for his chart-topping alternative song “Too Close,” has announced that he has started working on his upcoming sophomore album, and he says new music is at the top of his agenda.

“Making a new record is the priority, that has to be the priority,” Close told Rolling Stone. “I’ve got a few songs written, but they’re a long way off being produced. I need to get back in the studio. Doing so much of the touring and promo, but we’ll get there.”

Clare is planning to premiere some of the new songs during his showing the South by Southwest festival this spring. “I want to start getting songs out before an album is completed as a whole unit, just start getting stuff out there … I’ve already noticed a theme emerging,” he said. As for the sound of the new tunes, Clare says, “”[It’s] a little bit more optimistic, a lot to be happy about.”

Looking back on Clare’s success in 2012, as especially the victory of “Too Close” topping the charts, he says it wasn’t until fans started responding to the song at shows that everything started to sink in. “The realization you get is when people all sing the words back to you,” he said.



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