Metallica Drummer Says Band Does ‘Crazy’ Things to Avoid Boredom


Story by Charles Ken

Drummer Lars Ulrich says Metallica love doing ‘crazy’ things to keep their work fresh

Metallica are a busy bunch. The metallers are not only recording a new full-length album, tentatively set to arrive in 2014, but they’re also putting the finishing touches on their new record label, Blackened Recordings, and gearing up for year two of their Orion Music + More festival.

According to drummer Lars Ulrich, the guys of Metallica jump into multiple endeavors in an effort to make sure they never hit a rut. Speaking with U.K.’s Metal Hammer, he explained that’s why the band does “crazy” stuff, naming their 2004 documentary “Some Kind of Monster” and the 3D movies as examples. “We throw ourselves these challenges,” he said. “It’s to make sure that boredom never sets in.”

Ulrich added that while the band is mentally fresh after over 30 years of rocking hard, he hopes they can keep up with things on the physical end. “We will always have the strength to do it mentally, so I’m not worried about that,” he said, “but if there ever comes a time when we feel that it’s not going on all 12 cylinders [physically], then I hope that we have the guts to walk away from it.”

In other Metallica news, the band just announced that their second Orion Music + More festival will take place June 8 and 9, 2013, in Detroit.



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