The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach Talks Grammy Nominations, New Album


Story by Anne Erickson

The Black Keys will start work on their next album in 2013, says guitarist Dan Auerbach

Congratulations are in order for the Black Keys, as the blues-rock duo scored an impressive five Grammy nominations in accordance with their 2011 studio album, “El Camino.” Although all the fanfare for the Keys material is great, guitarist Dan Auerbach is especially stoked to score a nomination for Producer of the Year for recording Dr. John’s new release, “Locked Down.” In fact, Auerbach didn’t expect to garner a Grammy nomination for his production work this time around at all, so he was stunned by the honor.

“I’m excited about all of them. The producer one was a real shock to me,” he told Rolling Stone.  “I was just really, really happy for [Dr. John] to get nominated. I was texting with him last night. He’s excited.”

As for the Black Keys’ next album, Auerbach stated that the duo will start working on their next musical concoction in 2013. “Late January is when we’re going to record,” he said. “We never really rehearse or practice before we get into the studio. I’ve been writing every day, but I never know what’s going to be a song we use or not, you know.”



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