Disturbed Frontman Says Hiatus is Allowing Band Members to Breathe


Story by Charles Ken

Disturbed singer David Draiman says it was time for a hiatus after 16 years together

Hard rockers Disturbed are currently on an indefinite hiatus, and during the time off, frontman David Draiman has set his sights on another band, Device. Draiman says the break from Disturbed was simply a necessity, given the guys had been recording and touring together for the past decade and a half.

“I think that the hiatus was more about us stepping away from something that basically encompassed our entire lives for 16 years and letting it breathe for a while, letting it sleep,” Draiman told Revolver in a recent video interview.

As for Device, Draiman says there are “no limitations or preconceived notions” with the band. Even so, he thinks Disturbed fans will dig Device’s upcoming self-titled debut album, especially since it delves into new creative territory for Draiman. “Even though there’s definite darkness and heaviness on this record that will make the average Disturbed fan salivate like the Pavlovian dog…I think that I’ve gone places and the music goes places on this record that Disturbed has never gone,” he said.

Device’s debut album will reach retail stores and online outlets on April 9. “Vilify,” the album’s debut single,” will reach rock radio on Feb. 19.



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