Gin Blossoms Bass Player Bill Lean Collapses Onstage


Story by Charles Ken

Gin Blossoms’ Bill Leen collapsed during a gig in New York City last Friday

Gin Blossoms bass player Bill Leen has spent a good chunk of time on the road lately, and it might be catching up with him. Leen has a frightening experience during a gig in New York City last Friday (Jan. 18) when he abruptly collapsed in front of the crowd.

TMZ broke the news of Leen’s spill with a video showing the group performing their seminal 1993 track “Hey Jealousy” at the Paramount in Manhattan. In the video, Leen falls backwards and hits the floor, and it looks like he’s passing out. Next, the video shows a stagehand running over to Leen’s side to help.

Thankfully, Leen is fine. TMZ states that the bass player was back in good spirits fairly quickly after the spill and didn’t seek any medical assistance. A representative for the Gin Blossoms told TMZ that Leen’s accidence was likely due to “exhaustion from the road.” The rep also added that after some rest, Leen was rocking the stage once again the next night.



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