Fun. Hit ‘We Are Young’ Almost Featured Rihanna


Story by Charles Ken

‘We Are Young,’ the chart-topping alt-pop hit from .fun, could have featured singer Rihanna

Fun. picked up a Grammy earlier this month for their alternative pop chart-topped “We Are Young,” featuring vocals by Janelle Monae. But, as it turns out, Rihanna could have been a part of the song.

According a recent MTV interview with fun. producer Jeff Bhasker, who co-wrote “We Are Young,” when the band went looking to find someone to guest on the track, he thought Rihanna would be a great pick. Even though fun. were barely known at the point, it was worth a shot, right?

“Someone tried to reach out and I know she heard the song and liked it,” Bhasker said, adding that she didn’t end up singing on the track because “I think some wires got crossed.” Bhasker added that in the end, Janelle Monae was the “the perfect choice” for “We Are Young,” and brought “a great soulful flavor” to the track.

Aside from the Rihanna possibility, Bhasker says the song also almost landed in the hands of Kanye West and Jay-Z on their “Watch the Throne” album. He also offered the beat for “We Are Young” to two rappers, but in the end, fun. won the prize.



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