Jimmy Eat World to Release New Album in June, New Song on Record Store Day


Story by Anne Erickson

Jimmy Eat World’s new album is an ‘adult breakup record,’ according to singer Jim Adkins

Jimmy Eat World has announced that they’ll unleash their much-anticipated seventh studio album, “Damage,” on June 11. The guys are all grown up now, and frontman Jim Adkins says the upcoming album is centered around adult relationship issues.

“I would describe [‘Damage’] as an attempt at making an adult breakup record,” Adkins tells Rolling Stone. “I’m 37 and the world around me is a lot different than when I was writing breakup songs in my 20s. I tried to reflect that in what the lyrics are.”

Adkins also says to expect a raw-sounding record, thanks to part of the album being recorded at producer and Queens of the Stone Age multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes’ house in Los Angeles. “There were instruments in his bedroom and drums in his living room,” he said. “There was less an emphasis on it being clean and perfect. There’s a lot of stuff that’s more about the performance than it sounding pristine. And I think it feels better for what the songs are.”

Fans will get their first taste of “Damage” on Record Store Day, which falls on April 20 this year, when the band will release the album’s title track as a seven-inch vinyl single. On top of the new single, the record will also offer a cover of Radiohead’s “Stop Whispering,” off their 1993 debut set, “Pablo Honey.”



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