Linkin Park Members Pass Out Flyers to Promote Upcoming Show


Story by Anne Erickson

Video: Linkin Park peddle flyers for their upcoming Sunset Strip Music Festival appearance

Now that Linkin Park are over a decade old, it’s safe to say the guys are a little “old school.” Last week, the group engaged in some definite old school behavior when they decided to hit the streets and pass out flyers to promote their upcoming headlining gig at the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

As the story goes, Linkin Park multi-instrumentalist and rapper Mike Shinoda, guitarist Brad Delson and bass player Dave “Phoenix” Farrell got together and make up some flyers for Hybrid Theory, which is the name of the band’s debut album and the band name before Linkin Park was, well, Linkin Park. The trio passed the flyers out to random folks to promote the upcoming appearance.

The catch was that the guys didn’t tell anyone that they were in the band. “The idea is not to go out and pretend that we’re not Linkin Park,” Shinoda said. “The idea is to go down with flyers and just do what we would have done [in the beginning].”

So, the three band members hit the Sunset Strip and UCLA campus, and things get pretty exciting on the streets. Watch all of the adventures below.

Linkin Park will appear at the Sunset Strip Music Festival Street Fest on Aug. 3. It’s one of the band’s only 2013 North American shows. For more on the event, head to the festival’s official website.

Watch Linkin Park Peddle Flyers for their Upcoming Show:



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