Scott Weiland Files Countersuit Against Stone Temple Pilots Members


Story by Charles Ken

Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland files countersuit against STP

The Stone Temple Pilots camp is getting pretty messy as of late. Last week, the members of Stone Temple Pilots filed a lawsuit asserting that ex-singer Scott Weiland used STP’s name and assets to further his solo career, supposedly going against their partnership agreement. This week, TMZ reported that Weiland has now filed a countersuit stating that they schemed to have him kicked out of the band.

The lawsuit goes on to ask that the judge disband the group so that his former band mates aren’t allowed to legally use the Stone Temple Pilots moniker for any potential recordings. Weiland is also suing the band members for a minimum of $7 million in damages.

Weiland has been on tour with his new band, the Wildabouts, performing songs off Stone Temple Pilots’ debut album, 1992’s “Core,” and sophomore release, 1994’s “Purple.” Meanwhile, the remaining three members of Stone Temple Pilots recently announced that Liknin Park’s Chester Bennginton was their new frontman, and the group is currently working on new music.



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