Tool Drummer Danny Carey to Unleash New Album with Volto!


Story by Cat Badra

Danny Carey, drummer for Tool, has a side band in fusion group Volto!

Tool drummer Danny Carey is following in frontman Maynard James Keenan’s footsteps and focusing on a new band outside of Tool. Carey has been working on writing and recording music with a new project called Volto! Now, the fusion-tempered band is set to release its debut album, “Incitare,” on July 23.

The guys of Volto! met each other in Los Angeles, with the various band members getting together to play cover tunes at a small jazz club in the San Fernando Valley. After some great experiences playing covers, the group – Carey, John ‘Volto’ Ziegler (Pigmy Love Circus) and Lance Morrison (Alanis Morrissette, Don Henley) – decided to take things to the next level and start writing original music.

Carey isn’t the only guys from the Tool family to be involved with the project, either. Tool producer Joe Baressi recorded the upcoming album during some live sessions, and Tool guitarist Adam Jones joined up with artist Rick Griffin to craft the album cover for “Incitare.”

Volto! are currently offering up a new song called “Grip It” for free download via their official website. Check out the full track listing for “Incitare” below.

Track Listing for Volto!, ‘Incitare’:

1. “Grip It”
2. “Grillz”
3. “Whopner”
4. “Drumbeaux”
5. “Quirk”
6. “BHP”
7. “Meltdown”
8. “Tocino”
9. “I’m Calm Now”



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