Incubus’ Brandon Boyd Announces Track List, Release Date for Sons of the Sea Album


Story by Cat Badra

Incubus singer Brandon Boyd will release his debut album with Sons of the Sea on Sept. 24

Incubus is taking some time off from touring and writing new music this year, but singer Brandon Boyd isn’t slowing down at all. Boyd has been hard at work on a new side project, and now, the frontman has announced the release date for the debut album from his solo side project, Sons of the Sea. The band’s self-titled release will hit store shelves and online spots on Sept. 24.

The upcoming Sons of the Sea album will offer ten songs, including four tracks that were released on the band’s debut EP, “Compass.” The album will also offer a cover version of sorts of Leonard Cohen’s “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” called “That’s No Way to Say Goodbye.” Check out the full track listing below.

Brandon Boyd’s Sons of the Sea Self-Titled Album Track Listing:

“Jet Black Crow”
“Space and Time”
“Great Escape”
“Come Together”
“Where All the Songs Come From”
“Lady Black”
“That’s No Way to Say Goodbye”



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