Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti Says ‘Addicted to Pain’ is About a Bad Relationship


Story by Charles Ken

Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti opens up about the band’s new single and album

Alter Bridge are getting ready to release their fourth studio album, “Fortress,” in October, and the band recently released the debut single from the single, “Addicted to Pain.” According to guitarist Mark Tremonti, the tune is about a no-so-great subject: an unhealthy relationship.

“It’s pretty much about an abusive relationship where somebody just keeps on going in this relationship, getting maybe not just physically beat up but mentally beat up,” Tremonti told Billboard.  “They’ve done it for so long they pretty much tell them that they must be addicted to this pain to keep on going through it.”

What should fans expect from “Fortress?” Tremonti says the album is an high-octane and full of force. “There’s only two songs that aren’t really big rockers and are more midtempo, and two others that could be considered more epic-y but still have a really big rock sound,” he said.  “We pushed ourselves really hard to try and improve our sound with it and improve our boundaries.”

“Fortress” will reach stores shelves and online outlets on Oct. 8.



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