The National Asked to Rename Song for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Soundtrack


Story by Charles Ken

The National’s song ‘Lean’ appears on ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ soundtrack

Indie rock band the National have a tune that appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming “Hunger Games” sequel, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” but the song almost didn’t make the set, due to its initially gloomy title. According to frontman Matt Berninger, the filmmakers behind “Hunger Games” asked the group to change the tune’s title from “Dying Is Easy” to “Lean” so that it wouldn’t sound so gruesome and depressing.

“The song almost didn’t make it because it was too dark for ‘The Hunger Games’ soundtrack, which I thought was sort of funny because it’s about killing kids,” Berninger said in an interview with NME. “I don’t know how a song can be darker than that? So we had to change the name of the song; I actually like the name ‘Lean’.”

In addition to the National appearing on the soundtrack for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” Coldplay also contributed a song to the set called “Atlas,” which is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” reaches movie theaters across North America on Nov. 22.



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