The National Frontman Matt Berninger a Big Fan of Fox’s ‘The Mindy Project’


Story by Charles Ken

The National are set to appear on an episode of Fox’s ‘The Mindy Project’

If there’s one TV show the National lead singer Matt Berninger has to watch, it’s Fox’s “The Mindy Project.” As it turns out, Berninger and the rest of the guys in the band are such big fans of the show that the National have agreed to appear on an upcoming ‘Mindy Project’ episode playing themselves as the headlining band for the pretend Pennyfarthing Music Festival.

“I’m a big fan of the show and in interviews, they would ask me what I’d been reading lately,” Berninger explained in a promotional video interview for the episode. “I kept saying ‘The Mindy Project,’ because I watch more TV than I read…We became really big fans of the show, so they invited us on.”

On the episode, the band will perform an acoustic rendition of the track “This Is the Last Time.” In addition to the performance, Berninger will do a bit of acting, as he says that he has “two or three lines” of dialog in the show.

‘The Mindy Project’ episode with the National will air Tuesday (Oct. 1) on Fox. Check your local listings for show times.



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