Metallica Bass Player Robert Trujillo Says Creating ‘Through the Never’ was Stressful


Story by Charles Ken

Robert Trujillo says the stress level in producing Metallica’s ‘Through the Never’ 3D film exceeded making albums

Metallica’s new 3D film, “Through the Never,” is currently showing at IMAX theaters across the U.S., and while putting together a feature film might sound fun, as it turns out, the movie was far from easy to put together. According to bass player Robert Trujillo, the process of planning and producing the film was more taxing than what the group usually experiences putting together albums.

“The stress level in movie production I think definitely exceeds making records,” Trujillo told The San Jose Mercury News. “There are so many people on a movie set, and you don’t even know what half of them are doing. You know they are doing something important.”

In the end, Trujillo says the process of creating “Through the Never” only made Metallica a stronger band. “Just really taking on the challenge and embracing it seems to keep things really fresh in our camp, especially after all these years,” he said. “These amazing challenges that we’ve been taking on these last few years have really invigorated us — and, in a way, created unity.”

Following the “Through the Never” run in the IMAX theaters, the film will be released in regular theaters nationwide Friday (Oct. 4).



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