The Flaming Lips to Release ‘Peace Sword’ EP


Story by Cat Badra

The Flaming Lips’ upcoming ‘Peace Sword’ EP will arrive in conjunction with Record Store Day’s Black Friday initiative

The Flaming Lips, apparently, are big fans of the 1985 science-fiction novel “Ender’s Game.” Not only has the band agreed to contribute a new song to the soundtrack for the upcoming film inspired by the novel, but the Flaming Lips are also set to release a vinyl EP of songs based on the movie’s storyline.

The upcoming album, called “Peace Sword,” will arrive on Nov. 29 in conjunction with Record Store Day’s Black Friday “Back to Black” special releases. Stereogum reports that a few of the song titles appearing on the upcoming release will include “Wolf Children,” “Think Like a Machine, Not a Boy” and “Assassin Beetle/The Dream Is Ending.” Dave Fridmann produced the upcoming vinyl collection.

“Ender’s Game” will reach North American theaters on Nov. 1.

Meanwhile, the Lips are also readying a split, tour-only vinyl EP featuring the Lips and Tame Impala available only at stops of the bands’ upcoming tour together.



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