Metallica Dish on Band’s Famous Fans


Story by Charles Ken

Metallica members were shocked to find out Kris Kristofferson and Donny Osmond were fans of the band

Metallica have a slew of fans from everyday types to celebrities, and in a recent interview with Q magazine’s “Cash for Questions” segment, the guys dished on some of their more surprising celebrity fans. Drummer Lars Ulrich stated his surprise at finding out country reveals that during one of their recent festival appearances he discovered country music singer Kris Kristofferson was a major fan of Metallica’s heavy jams.

“When we played Roskilde Festival a month ago, Kris Kristofferson stood in our little cockpit area behind the drums for the whole show,” Ulrich told Q in its new edition. “Every three songs I’d come off to get a drink, and he’d still be there getting more and more excited. He lasted longer than any of us did.”

Ulrich was just as astonished to learn that happy-go-lucky singer and actor Donny Osmond is also a big Metallica fan. “Donny Osmond came to a show in Long Beach Arena in 1986 when we were supporting Ozzy Osbourne,” he said. “He was there to see Metallica. That blew our minds.”

Metallica are currently working on their follow-up to 2008’s “Death Magnetic.”



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