Beck Releases ‘Morning Phase’ Track List


Story by Charles Ken

Beck has released the track list for his upcoming studio album, ‘Morning Phase’

Beck has a new album on the way, “Morning Phase,” which is expected to hit stores sometime in February. Even with the release date pending, Beck has decided to unleash the track list for the upcoming set, according to Revolt TV. Why not, right? The full list is posted below.

“Morning Phase” will feature 12 new songs and comprise Beck’s first studio release since 2008’s “Modern Guilt.” Some of the song titles include “Say Goodbye,” “Wave,” “Heart is a Drum” and “Morning.”

The release, which offers a total of 12 songs, marks Beck’s first studio effort in several years. The album will also be the first on his new label, Capitol Records, and serve as a “companion piece” to Beck’s 2002 release, “Sea of Change.” Several of the musicians that performed on “Sea of Change” are expected to return for appearances on “Morning Phase.”

Here’s the album’s full track list:

1. “Morning”
2. “Heart Is A Drum”
3. “Say Goodbye”
4. “Waking Light”
5. “Unforgiven”
6. “Wave”
7. “Don’t Let It Go”
8. “Blackbird Chain”
9. “Evil Things”
10. “Blue Moon”
11. “Turn Away”
12. “Country Down”



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