fun. Giving Fans Free EP


Story by Anne Erickson

The band fun. is giving fans a free download of their new live album

The band fun. knows everyone loves free music, and the alternative pop group is offering just that this Christmas. fun. is giving away a free EP, named “Before Shane Went to Bangkok: fun. Live in the USA,” that’s available as a free download on their official their website. To pick up the EP, simply submit your email address, and you’ll get a free download of the six-track collection.

The EP features live versions of songs from both of .fun’s studio albums, including chart-toppers “Some Nights” and “Carry On,” plus one new song.

According to fun. singer Nate Ruess, the purpose of the release is to share some live recordings from the band’s two-year tour, since it was such a fantastic experience.

“What was supposed to be just another album and touring cycle, turned into the craziest two years any of us have ever had,” Nate wrote. “If I were to be asked the very unoriginal question of ‘what was the highlight of it all so far?’, and had to answer it honestly — I would have to say the unwavering support and energy that you guys provided at all of our shows.”

For vinyl fans, “Before Shane Went to Bangkok: fun. Live in the USA” will arrive on 12-inch vinyl sometime next year. The vinyl version, which will be limited to 1,000 copies, is currently available for pre-order on fun.’s official website.



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