Les Claypool Covers Alice in Chains and More on Duo de Twang Album


Story by Charles Ken

Primus’ Les Claypool covers a collection of legends with new project, Duo de Twang

Les Claypool may be taking a break from his time with Primus at the moment, but he’s keeping active with a new Americana duo, Duo de Twang. The band – which features Claypool alongside longtime collaborator Bryan Kehoe – releases its debut album, “Four Foot Shack,” today (Feb. 4), and the guys are currently streaming every song off the release via Rolling Stone.

“Four Foot Shack” features one new song, as well as a collection of cover tunes from Claypool’s projects and Alice in Chains, the Bee Gees, Jerry Reed, the Chantays and more.

“This record represents what I personally listen to these days,” Claypool told Rolling Stone. “Guys like [country music singers] Johnny Horton, Jerry Reed and Vernon Dalhart are the soundscape of my world as I’m boiling up crab in the backyard or working on my old Chryslers, so the notion of ‘twangifying’ my tunes seemed like a damn good idea.”

‘Four Foot Shack’ Track List:

“Four Foot Shack”
“Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” (Primus)
“Amos Moses” (Jerry Reed)
“Red State Girl” (Les Claypool)
“The Bridge Came Tumblin’ Down” (Stompin’ Tom Connors)
“Boonville Stomp” (Les Claypool)
“Stayin’ Alive” (Bee Gees)
“Rumble of the Diesel” (Les Claypool)
“Pipe Line” (The Chantays)
“Buzzards of Greenhill” (Fearless Flying Frog Brigade)
“Hendershot” (Fearless Flying Frog Brigade)
“Man in the Box” (Alice in Chains)
“D’s Diner” (Fearless Flying Frog Brigade)
“Battle of New Orleans” (Johnny Horton)
“Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” (Primus)



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