Metallica is SoundScan’s Third Best-Selling Artist


Story by Charles Ken

Metallica is SoundScan’s third best-selling album artist

When thinking about the top SoundScan artists of all times, big time pop and country acts come to mind. But, Metallica have changed that. The metal men are now the third best-selling album artist in all of SoundScan.

In a story, the publication states that Metallica has taken over the No. 3 spot in SoundScan’s top five best-selling artists, a place once held Mariah Carey. James Hetfield and company have sold a total of 54.26 million units since SoundScan started recording album sales in March of 1991.

Much of Metallica’s mighty sales are thanks to the band’s famed self-titled album, often called “The Black Album,” which is about to reach 16 million in sales. Right now, “The Black Album” has pushed roughly 15,971,000 copies. Billboard reports that Metallica sells between 2,000 and 3,000 copies of the 1991 album each week, so 16 million should arrive this June or July.

Right now, Metallica are more focused on touring than counting their album sales. The guys are on tour overseas through a July 1 show in Rome, Italy, and just posted a new clip as part of their “MetOnTour” video series from a March 20 show in Lima, Peru, with some live footage. The video, along with other “MetOnTour” clips, is streaming via Metallica’s official wesbite.

SoundScan’s Top Five Best-Selling Album Artists:

1. Garth Brooks — 69.52 million units
2. The Beatles — 65.55 million units
3. Metallica — 54.26 million units
4. Mariah Carey — 54.24 million units
5. Celine Dion — 52.21 million units



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