Queens of the Stone Age Say Dave Grohl and Elton John Saved ‘…Like Clockwork’ Sessions


Story by Charles Ken

Dave Grohl and Elton John saved the day on Queens of the Stone Age’s latest album

Queens of the Stone Age made a big splash with their latest full-length album, 2013’s “…Like Clockwork,” which hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and earned the band a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Album. As it turns out, the recording process wasn’t completely smooth sailing. Speaking with The Vine, guitarist and keyboardist Dean Fertita said the guys were going through a rough period until Elton John and Dave Grohl saved the day.

“Like, when Elton came in to play, we were having a really bad stretch for a few days,” Fertita said. “But he came in and Dave came in and it completely turned the whole session around.

“What I think is cool about it is that you have all these people on there but it might be hard to distinguish where they are on the record. Like, if nobody told you this person was on the record, you wouldn’t know they were there. So it’s not like Queens featuring this person or whatever. We played our songs and they adapted to what Queens do and we just made this thing together.”

Fertita added that the collaborative writing and recording aspect of the album only enhanced the final product. “A lot of times these scenarios can be really distractive and take away from the integrity of the record if it gets too collaborative,” he explained. “But it never felt like that for one minute. It was more like friends were just coming in and giving us their support, so it was a really cool experience.”



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