Linkin Park Release ‘The Hunting Party’ Video Trailer


Story by Anne Erickson

Watch Linkin Park’s video trailer for their upcoming album, ‘The Hunting Party’

Linkin Park have about a month to go before their new album, “The Hunting Party,” hits stores. Fans have already heard two tracks off the upcoming release, “Until It’s Gone” and “Guilty All the Same.” Now, Linkin Park have unleashed a trailer for “The Hunting Party” featuring a sneak listen of some of the other sounds, as well as clips of Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and the gang in the studio, talking about the album’s trajectory.

Shinoda has already said that this album will feature a more aggressive, guitar-heavy Linkin Park, and this trailer follows suit. In the video, the band talks about the album’s writing process, which started with lots of guitar riffs that instinctually formed into songs.

As for lead single “Guilty All the Same,” band members explain that they knew it was special. They also knew it was a different kind of song for today. “I was thinking, ‘Is this too heavy?’” said drummer Rob Bourdon. “‘Can we be this heavy? And, ‘Can I play the drums that fast?’”

“I see a lot of rawness,” added Linkin Park DJ Jose Hahn. “There’s a lot of vocal stuff being done that’s coming more from the gut than anything.”

“The Hunting Party” will reach traditional stores and online outlets on June 17. The trailer is currently up on the band’s official YouTube channel.

Watch Linkin Park’s ‘The Hunting Party’ Trailer:



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