Metallica’s James Hetfield to Narrate New History Channel Show


Story by Charles Ken

James Hetfield of Metallica will narrate ‘The Hunt,’ a new TV show on the History Channel

Metallica frontman James Hetfield has a new gig: The singer is slated to narrate “The Hunt,” a new History Channel series that revolves about hunting Kodiak brown bears.

Hunting the Kodiak brown bear is “one of the most dangerous pursuits known to man,” the network says in a statement. Kodiak hunts usually run about 10 days. Over the course of the hunts, the hunters are holed up in the wilderness and have only the supplies they can manage to carry around. The Kodiak bears can be a massive 12 feet tall and weigh about 1,500 pounds, which makes these trips especially dangerous and, of course, great TV.

“The Hunt” will debut at 10 p.m. ET/PT on June 8 on the History Channel.

This TV gig isn’t the only thing on Hetfied’s schedule. The frontman appeared last week at the “Acoustic 4 a Cure” benefit, participated in the San Francisco Giants’ second annual Metallica Night and is gearing up for Metallica’s next album. The band is shooting to start recording their follow-up to “Death Magnetic” this fall.



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